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Real Estate Dough®

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Real Estate Dough® The Negotiation Game is the most exciting new real estate product to come on the market in years. This is a lively, fun, and engaging card game. It's unlike anything you have ever played before. In fact, the game is so unique that we're in the process of obtaining patents in over 100 different countries.

There are 12 different types of properties in the game, each with different values. You'll love meeting "Comfy Condo," "Big Kahuna Beach House," "McMansion Manor" and the other 9 property characters in the game. Guy Smalley's artwork is absolutely spectacular. During the game, you make referrals, do 1031 exchanges, and open and close transactions, just as you do in your real business. You also negotiate with other players to determine what how much Real Estate Dough® you will receive for your exchange or referral. The cards in the game are turned face up, which means you see what other players have in their hands. This is the mechanism for promoting trading of properties, making referrals, and ultimately to win the game by collecting as much Real Estate Dough® as possible. We already have testers in Austin who are eagerly making plans to set up a Real Estate Dough® tournament to compete for being the best negotiator in town.

Unlock the Secrets to Real Estate Success!

Real Estate Dough®

> Read Chapter 8 (PDF-8.06MB)

> Listen to an excerpt: Two Strategies to Persuade Sellers to Be More Realistic (MP3)

> Listen to an Interview by Gary Keller (MP3)

Comments about Real Estate Dough® from Barb Van Stensel's Chicago Real Estate Soapbox...
"It is a unique way of looking at today's marketplace for real estate agents. This is a recipe for real estate success that I can follow easily. You need to put this on your list of 'reads'."
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Book Review by Dr. Kenneth W. Edwards
...This book is a 351 page heavyweight, and as you'll see when you review the table of contents, it covers a wide variety of issues critical to success in the corrent and future world of real estate. For several years author Ross served as the Executive Director of Trianing for the 4,000-agent Prudential Jon Douglas Company. That real world experience reflects throughout the book. It would be an invaluable addition to every r eal estate professional's library.
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Finally! A real estate book that has it all—the best technology solutions, new twists on traditional approaches to meet the shifting needs of today's consumers, plus proven dialogues and strategies that really work.

Unlock the Door to a Great Business and a Great Life!

Real Estate Dough® is packed with proven strategies for your real estate success. Learn how to...

  • easily generate and convert more leads
  • close more buyers
  • take more listings at the right price and a full commission

Discover insider secrets from top performers that will keep your income strong, regardless of what the market does. Our collaborative model shows you how to make the shift from presenting and telling to questioning and closing. You'll also develop your business based upon your personal strengths and skills-not someone else's idea of what you should do. If you're ready to build a wildly successful business plus having a rewarding personal life, Real Estate Dough® is the one must-read book of your career. Don't wait! Read it today if you want to make more commission tomorrow.

Read: Table of Contents

(Paperback BOOK, 350 pages)
$29.95 - Order the book now!

Order both the book & game and save!
$49.95 - Order Now!

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Real Estate Dough®
The Negotiation Game

Are you ready to make your business profits soar? If so, play Real Estate Dough®! This lively card game gives you the face-to-face experience doing the number one money making skill you need—negotiating. Whether you are a real estate or other sales professional, your negotiation skills will make or break your sales career. Real Estate Dough® hones your negotiation skills while helping you to master the art of win-win negotiations. It also strengthens your ability to:

  1. Communicate effectively with people from different age groups
  2. Implement tactics and strategies that translate into real dough for your business
  3. Maximize your return in any negotiation situation
  4. Prepare clients to negotiate more effectively before buying or selling a home
  5. Generate more dough from referrals and exchanges
  6. Have hours of fun with your family and friends

Real Estate Dough® the Negotiation Game is for 3 – 6 players ages 10 and up. It’s the perfect way to learn negotiation skills in a fun and safe environment. If you want to unlock the secrets of having a more profitable real estate or sales career, start playing today to earn more Real Estate Dough® tomorrow!

(Card GAME, 4-color cards)
$29.95 - Order the GAME Now!

Order both the book & game and save!
$49.95 - Order Now!

Ready, Set, Go—
Negotiate Your Way to More Real Estate Dough®!







Negotiation skills are pivotal to real estate sales success and yet, agents have little opportunity to practice these skills except when they’re in front of clients. Now imagine a session where every participant practices their negotiation skills in at least 20 unique scenarios that change constantly throughout a lively and challenging real estate simulation game. Real Estate Dough® Negotiation is the most exciting and fun way to hone negotiation and sales skills. In addition to improving negotiation, Real Estate Dough® also reinforces the following core real estate skills:

  1. Win-win negotiations:
    Real Estate Dough® rewards collaboration rather than competitive play.
  2. Referrals
    Agents earn “escrow dough” by making referrals to other players throughout the game. This referral behavior translates into “real dough” for their real estate business. 
  3. 1031 Exchanges
    The game encourages trades between the players and can be used to illustrate how to do both simple and complex property exchanges.
  4. Business planning
    Real Estate Dough® forces players to make decisions about which opportunities will provide the most return for their business. It also forces them to evaluate financial priorities when faced with having to cancel an existing escrow (i.e. cancel an existing deal that is under contract.) It dramatically illustrates the importance of paying attention to what’s closest to the money.
  5. Generational differences
    Real Estate Dough® assists members of Gen X to be more collaborative, since this generation focuses on doing it “my way.” It also assists members of Gen Y, who dislike confrontation or face-to-face negotiations, to become more effective at in-person negotiation. The game can also be used to break down generational barriers by creating teams that pair younger players with older players.
  6. Niche marketing
    Real Estate Dough® rewards players that identify a niche and build it. This translates into applying niche marketing techniques within one’s actual real estate business.

In addition to these benefits for players, managers can use the game to uncover the following:

  1. Negotiation behavioral style: the game quickly reveals who is collaborative and who does not play well in a team environment.
  2. Real Estate Dough® can be used as a powerful recruiting tool that allows managers to get to know potential recruits better, uncover how they work with the office team, and do so in a non-threatening environment.
  3. The game reveals who struggles to understand new concepts as well as who learns easily.
  4. Real Estate Dough® helps managers identify their agents’ attitudes to rules and policies. The game reveals exactly how well players follow the rules or attempt to change them. 
  5. Real Estate Dough® provides a vehicle for strengthening existing teams. It can also be used to stimulate cooperation in areas where there is conflict. For example, if the sales staff and the administrative staff are at odds with each other, pair members of sales and administrative on the same team. Working together, even if it is in just a game, is one of the best ways to strengthen the entire office/company team.

Designed for: Broker/owners, managers, plus new and experienced real estate agents

Results: More closed transactions due to agents mastering the power of win-win negotiations, less generational conflict, increased number of out-going referrals, improved business planning skills, plus increased awareness of the value of various types of transactions.

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